About Us

Ready to sell some cards but cringe when thinking of all the steps you need to take? Imagine if you could save a few minutes per card by easily listing all your cards in a quick and efficient manner. A sleek user interface can save you hours on end, allowing you to watch more games, hang out with friends, or just do whatever you want. And on top of that, how about making it cheaper too? You will have higher payouts with us than with most of our competitors.

Our team at Sandlot Cards has been collecting since the junk wax era of the early 90s, and after getting back into the hobby in 2020, we wanna make it easier than ever to buy and sell cards. We get so much satisfaction and enjoyment from collecting cards, and this is our way of contributing back to the hobby.

We spend more time than we'd like to admit scrolling through our Facebook feeds, reading post after post of cards for sale. It's fun seeing what people are buying and selling, but sometimes we just wanna find a specific card at the lowest asking price. So we put a few ideas together of an ideal card marketplace that includes grouping the same cards together and saved searches.

When you're ready to buy or sell cards, Sandlot Cards will give you the best user experience to do exactly that. Check out our card listings to add to your collection, or list your cards for sale for free!

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